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Hello dear members~


I saw how much fun it was to have the members showcase their work to the entire group, so as a result I have opened the group blog to members. You only get to submit one blog per month! This could be anything about what you're struggling with as a poet to presenting your new work.

All blog entries go through the admin team who will accept or reject it. So please, lets try to keep these blogs poetry related as we are a poetry group.

:bulletyellow:New positions available!

We are a growing poetry community and in the past couple of months have experienced a rapid rate of people joining our group. Heck, I even saw 16 poems to be voted on today alone.

We are trying to separate into two teams: 1.)The Creative Team, and 2.) Networking and Public relations.

:star:The creative team's captain is none other then :icondaft-enigma: who you can find in our Co-Founders box on the right hand side of the home screen. In this team you will come up with ideas for contests, group features, poetry exercises, and more. You will also have the responsibility of voting on member's submissions.

:star:The Networking and Public Relation's team captain is me :icontrilkus: who you can also find in the Founders box on the right hand of the home screen as well. In this team you will be in charge of answering fellow affiliates and members comments/notes to the group. You will also focus on gaining new members and affiliating with new groups that are in the same literature criteria. As mentioned above you will also have the responsibility of voting on member's submissions and be very aware of DA policies as well as our own groups rules.

I am looking for people who willing to put the time in for this group and are very active as well.

Have a great day!
TashiHazeldine Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Student Writer
Awesomesauce :iconsmilieplz:
Daft-Enigma Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm excited about this group's growth and progression, to be sure!
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Submitted on
January 29, 2012